Kyara tries conditioner as a leave-in

Posted by Kyara | Posted in | Posted on Friday, March 27, 2009

Since I've decided to go natural, I've been looking for tips and advice on how to deal with my transitioning 4a/4b texture.
One of the techniques that's been mentioned was to use traditional conditioner as a leave-in.
It is said to:
  • help style your hair,
  • protect your ends,
  • keep it moisturized all day.

I gave it a shot yesterday morning and here's what how I did it:
  1. Co-washed with elseve anti-casse but didn't rinse all the product off
  2. Detangled on soaking wet hair with my shower comb
  3. Re-applied Elseve anti-casse to style my hair. I rocked a low bun (didn't think about taking a pic but it was very silky)

To sum-up:

I expected silky and moisturized hair but what I got is sitcky hair and red eyes!!! I must explain that I have the finger in the hair syndrom but if you combine it with the finger in the eye habit, it can lead to big problems!!! lol!
The thing I must admit is that my hair was very easy to style...
Maybe I've done something wrong... too much conditioner, bad choice of conditioner... Tell me what you think and if you use this technique!

Other alternatives are conditioners that CAN be used as leave-ins (usually indicated on the box). They are formulated especially not to give you stingy eyes and to let your hair light. Kanellia is a really good french brand that provides this kind of conditioner (I tried it and it kept my hair moisturized and healthy), farida b. is another one but I haven't tried it yet.

Hope to hear from you!


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