She rocked it both ways: Judith Hill

Posted by Kyara | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hello Guys! I had to share this with you…

I first discovered Judith Hill at the Jackson memorial. She came at the very end of the memorial to give a last tribute to MJ.

When she began to sing “heal the world”, it was such a moving moment!!! I was wondering who was this beautiful natural girl! Seeing this article, I wasn’t the only one!

Judith was one of Michael’s vocalists. Here she is with Michael Jackson, preparing the THIS IS IT Tour.judith Here are pics with the crew:



I absolutely loooooooove her  style! And the hair is GORGEOUS!!!LA-this-is-it-Judith-Hill

[Pics are from getty images]

And guess what?!!! Judith Hill rocked it both ways: straight and curly.

Check it out:

 P1050035 t02200330_0600090010320639418

Sorry to be so predictable but I definitely prefer the curly version of Judith!!

Here is the wonderful tribute…


Were you as moved as I was????!



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she's breathtaking! I love her hair and style as well, Mike did too which was obvious, the way he was all over her during i just can't stop loving you, lol. RIP to the great and glad that you highlighted her gorgeousness