Time for a challenge! Ready… Steady… Gooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do you remember my friend Shack's and her post about vitamins? She is a long term transitioner and a specialist es protective styles! Last month, as we were sharing tips about our hair, we figured out that it would be fun to create our own challenge for the new year!

Here is the deal:

objectives: retain length / have healthier hair

what we gonna do: work on the outside AND the inside!



vitamins & complements : I chose brewers yeast (described as type 3, B-complex in Shack’s’ article)

vegetables : I eat lettuce at least once a day (any vegetable would fit)

fruits : at least 2 kiwis a day and tomatoes (any fruit would fit)

water : a liter and a half (around half a gallon) each day




Massage your scalp at least once a week

Deep condition once a week

hydrate twice a day

Seal twice a day

protective style at least 4 times a week. It can be buns, updos (the hair should not touch your shoulders or clothes) or it could be a more permanent protective style.


protective style : satin bonnet/ scarf / pillowcase at least four times a week



-A report once a week on this blog

-A length check each month (next one the 17th of February)

-Our challenge begun on the 17th of January and it ends on the 17 of April.

The good news is that Anybody can join!!! (Any type of hair, any length… All you have to do is send an email to kyara.natural@gmail.com , post a message to my Facebook wall (Kyara Emienthe  - add me putting challenge in the message) or add a comment below before the 17th of February. The message must contain a length check at the beginning of the challenge, a pic would be nice but it’s not mandatory and a short line concerning the state of our hair).

If you decide to join the challenge, I’d appreciate a comment on each of my weekly updates to tell us what’s going good and what’s going wrong for you, so that we can share tips!


Let’s do this challenge together!!!



<3 I’M ALIVE! <3 & HNY 2K11!!

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I know, it’s been A VERY LONG TIME since my last post!

I’m sorry about that, I had many things to deal with in my personal life, but I want to THANK ALL THE NEW FOLLOWERS, VIA Facebook, Google friends connect, Networkedblogs and  bloglovin’… You guys are wonderful!!!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!


I ‘ll be back soon for:

-A length check

-My resolutions

-New product reviews and ideas

And the journey continues!!!!



DIOR makeup session

Posted by Kyara | Posted on Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hi Guys,

I wanted to share with you my first experience at a DIOR makeup session.

I was invited to this eye makeup session last week-end. I had an appointment at 6 PM at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

Here are the pictures of the place:


My makeup artist was late and we begun 20 minutes after the appointment time :/

At this time I was pretty upset but he took his time to explain the process and to understand what I wanted.

I wanted a “bling-bling” smoky eye but not too exaggerated…

He used the 5 colors palette:Dior 5-Colour Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette - Smoky Design Smoky Design

The makeup artist in action (he explained all the steps while doing the makeup):


Then he used both mascaras : DIORSHOW EXTASE and DIORSHOW ICONIC to elongate and volumize the eyelashes.

Diorshow Extase Mascara Volume Oversize ImmédiatDiorshow Iconic Mascara Courbes Haute Précision


Here are the results:



I used my phone to take these pics so you can’t really see the different colors but it was amazing! You could think I had fake eyelashes!

To finish he gave me a trial of DIORSHOW ESTASE and I was perfumed with DIOR MADEMOISELLE.

I must say that I LOVED the experience and I had so many stares after the session that I’ll try it at home really soon!



Natural Hair in the spotlights

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Hi Guys!

Many of you ask me how is the natural hair scene in France.

There is not much natural hair representation here in the media so I wanted to show you this ad promoting 2016 European soccer cup.

Look at this huge afro!!


This one is for a huge supermarket brand:


We are on good tracks!!!!

And the journey continues…



Are you length obsessed?

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I don’t think I’m length OBSESSED but I’d really like my hair to grow longer!

Now it’s not shoulder length (I Big Chopped almost a year ago) but I ‘d like to see where it can go…

Here is a chart with the different lengths:

I’m not sure that I’d like to have fairy tale hair (too much maintenance!!), but I want to know if I can go at least to mid-back :)

If I follow the math I posted here, it’s 30 months to go ( If I manage to retain all the length)…

Let’s meet in two years and a half to see the progress :D

The journey continues…



Featured on Curlynikki.com

Posted by Kyara | Posted on Thursday, March 04, 2010


Yayyy!! I’m featured on curlynikki!

Nikki was really kind to publish my interview on her blog

This blog was (and is still)  one of my first inspirations when I went natural!!!

Connect with Nikki

Please take a look at it if not done already!


And the journey continues…



Building your routine (Part one)

Posted by Kyara | Posted on Monday, March 01, 2010


Hi guys,

We all are busy women and I think it’s important to be able to organize our hair routine in order to focus on other things…

Mobile Workplace

When I first went natural, I had a difficult time building my routine! I kept seeing everyone’s video with different routines, different products, different periodicities and I didn’t know what could apply to my hair…

That’s the reason why today I didn’t want to share my routine – because what works for me, might not work for you -  but I wanted to share a methodology, for you to build your own personalized routine.

businesswoman looking at an architectural model

Here is a table I created to know what I do, and when I should do it:

MOISTURIZE Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick every morning
SEAL Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick every morning
WASH Tick once a week
CO-WASH Tick once a week
DUST Tick on Saturdays every three months
BLOW DRY not planned
STRAIGHTEN not planned
PROTECT Tick Tick Tick protective style 3 days a week + every night with a satin bonnet
DETANGLE Tick Tick twice a week (after shampoo and co-wash)
PRE-POO Tick Tick twice a week (before shampoo and co-wash)
TRIM Tick on Saturdays every six months
DC* Tick *Deep Conditioning


Now that you see all the activities on one single table, you can better organize. For example, you know that you only detangle on your co-wash days, if you apply direct heat, you can plan to to deeper treatments on these days, and so on…

This table is an example but it allows you to put all the treatments you do to your hair and their periodicity, no matter which product you’re using. I put this table on my coiffeuse and now I never forget anything!!!

What do you think? Did it help you??

Stay tuned for the other parts:

Choosing the products, when do you need to change your routine, achieving your goals…