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Hi Girls I wanted to share what I've learned during my researches on natural hair. I might have forgotten lots of information, I will keep updating this glossary. Hope this will help some of you.

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ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar (In french: Vinaigre de Pomme). It can be used to clarify hair (to get rid of buil-up)

AMLA Powder: AMLA is an Indian Gooseberry. It is known to be antibacterial and rich in vitamin C. It can be used to deep condition the hair
BAA: Big Ass Afro

Banding technique: Technique consisting in putting bands on your hair to elongate the strands. It is used to fight against shrinkage.

Bantu Knots: Hair style consisting in twisting the hair on itself.

BC: Big Chop. The big cut you do to get rid of relaxed and damaged ends.

Bentonite clay: It's a clay used to deep condition. It has detoxifying properties.

BKT: Brazilian Keratin Treatment. A treatment used to loosen your natural curls for between 4 and 6 months. It contains chemicals and is quite expensive.

Carmel treatment: Natural Treatment said to make your hair more manageable

CG: Curly Girl. Book and technique from Lorraine Massey. Describes how to take care of naturally curly hair.

DC: deep condition. Apply a nourishing cream on your hair for enough time to enjoy the benefits.

EVOO: Extra virgin olive oil

JKT: Japanese Keratin treatment

LFW: Lace Front Wigs.

LHCF: long hair care forum (forum talking about long and natural curly hair).

Lisa Akbari's Curly Fro technique: technique to have curls and volume for natural hair.

Low-poo: use of a less aggressive shampoo and less often.

NC: naturallycurly. Website with information about curly hair

No-poo: stop the use of shampoo

Pre-poo: apply product to the hair in order to prepare it for the shampoo

S&D: Search and destroy method. Search the damaged ends and trim them one after the other.

Saran wrap treatment: technique to straighten your hair without heat
Shake&Go: pretty self-explanatory...

Shingling: Styling technique

TWA: Teeny Weeny Afro

Wash&Go: pretty self-explanatory...

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