Happy New Year!!!

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I’m about to go spend New Year’s eve with my friends on a boat on the Seine river, in Paris :)

I just wanted to write a little note to let you know that I hope you’ll enjoy the last night of 2009 and that I wish you all a happy New year 2010!

I’ll try to post about my resolutions for 2010 tomorrow, so stay tuned!!!!



PS: I still don’t know what I’ll do with my hair but I’ll keep you posted! ;)

She rocked it both ways: Judith Hill

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Hello Guys! I had to share this with you…

I first discovered Judith Hill at the Jackson memorial. She came at the very end of the memorial to give a last tribute to MJ.

When she began to sing “heal the world”, it was such a moving moment!!! I was wondering who was this beautiful natural girl! Seeing this article, I wasn’t the only one!

Judith was one of Michael’s vocalists. Here she is with Michael Jackson, preparing the THIS IS IT Tour.judith Here are pics with the crew:



I absolutely loooooooove her  style! And the hair is GORGEOUS!!!LA-this-is-it-Judith-Hill

[Pics are from getty images]

And guess what?!!! Judith Hill rocked it both ways: straight and curly.

Check it out:

 P1050035 t02200330_0600090010320639418

Sorry to be so predictable but I definitely prefer the curly version of Judith!!

Here is the wonderful tribute…


Were you as moved as I was????!



Update & Christmas hair

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Hi Guys!!

I’ve been away for a little while because of personal reasons but I’m ready to share my new hair adventures in 2010!

For the come back of Trendy Curly Hair, I wanted to give a little update about my hair. Here is what it looks like now (speaking of the length):


For Christmas, I wanted a style a little bit different from what I usually do so I chose to curl my hair.

I used these perm rods:

I washed my hair with the aphogee shampoo and then I conditioned with HE Hello Hydration.

And I must say that I found THE setting lotion that works for my hair:

Paul Mitchell Round Trip Curl Definer, 6.8-Ounces Bottle

Let me introduce you to Paul Mitchell Round Trip Curl Definer! I applied it to each section before rolling and this thing was not only good at setting my hair but it also made my curls soft and bouncy!!

My hair was so happy!!

Let me show you the curl definition:


Here is a closer look:


And look at this shine!!!


For the final look, I did a line on the left side. I secured the side with a flower bobby pin (bought at Claire’s for 3 euros) and I added a little bit of coconut oil for extra shine.

Hope you like it!

Let me know what was your style for Christmas and what you plan to rock for the New Year!

Hope you had wonderful moments with your family and friends!



REPOST – Another transition style : bantu knots

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I recently got some issues with formatting so I’m reposting older entries…
I just wanted to show you the results of my bantu knots-out. It wasn't very easy to sleep on it but I'm glad I tried! I liked the results because the curls looked natural and bouncy.
I slept on the bantu knots with a satin headwrap. The next morning, I took them down beginning with the back, separated each of them, put a little bit of coconut oil and finger combed.

This pic was taken right after I took them down:

The next pic shows the back of my head. Some of the knots weren't completely dry... as you can see there are looser curls in the back.

This is a closer pic:

This is the finished product... There was a lot of humidity here so the curls were looser after a while.

If you have questions about the way I achieved this style, you can ask your questions in the comments section below or send me an email. I'll do my best to answer.
I also tried the curly fro, so stay tuned for the technique and results!!!


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Hi Girls I wanted to share what I've learned during my researches on natural hair. I might have forgotten lots of information, I will keep updating this glossary. Hope this will help some of you.

Hanging light bulb
ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar (In french: Vinaigre de Pomme). It can be used to clarify hair (to get rid of buil-up)

AMLA Powder: AMLA is an Indian Gooseberry. It is known to be antibacterial and rich in vitamin C. It can be used to deep condition the hair
BAA: Big Ass Afro

Banding technique: Technique consisting in putting bands on your hair to elongate the strands. It is used to fight against shrinkage.

Bantu Knots: Hair style consisting in twisting the hair on itself.

BC: Big Chop. The big cut you do to get rid of relaxed and damaged ends.

Bentonite clay: It's a clay used to deep condition. It has detoxifying properties.

BKT: Brazilian Keratin Treatment. A treatment used to loosen your natural curls for between 4 and 6 months. It contains chemicals and is quite expensive.

Carmel treatment: Natural Treatment said to make your hair more manageable

CG: Curly Girl. Book and technique from Lorraine Massey. Describes how to take care of naturally curly hair.

DC: deep condition. Apply a nourishing cream on your hair for enough time to enjoy the benefits.

EVOO: Extra virgin olive oil

JKT: Japanese Keratin treatment

LFW: Lace Front Wigs.

LHCF: long hair care forum (forum talking about long and natural curly hair).

Lisa Akbari's Curly Fro technique: technique to have curls and volume for natural hair.

Low-poo: use of a less aggressive shampoo and less often.

NC: naturallycurly. Website with information about curly hair

No-poo: stop the use of shampoo

Pre-poo: apply product to the hair in order to prepare it for the shampoo

S&D: Search and destroy method. Search the damaged ends and trim them one after the other.

Saran wrap treatment: technique to straighten your hair without heat
Shake&Go: pretty self-explanatory...

Shingling: Styling technique

TWA: Teeny Weeny Afro

Wash&Go: pretty self-explanatory...

REPOST : Sleeping beauty

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I got something to tell you ... We are told lies from our childhood! It is impossible to sleep for 150 years and look like this:


A rosy complexion, a rested face and mostly ... A PERFECT HAIRSTYLE!  That’s a lie…

OK ... Now we know that we won’t look like this ...

... We can try to limit the damages not to scare Prince Charming the man with smelly feet (if it is not the case, it will be one day ...) who shares or will share your life. :p

Anyways ... back to the main topic: Stay beautiful even during the night:)
You can find some nice satin scarvesto protect her hair from dehydration and breakage (can not say it enough, the cotton pillowcases dries hair!)

Here are beautiful scarves for every wallet :

freywille_banglesImage: http://www.frey-wille.com (price on request)

Topshop.com (price: £ 22)

Image: luxuo.fr (Hermes Carré)

Image: The Clutch Magazine

If your significant other still does not bear to see you wear a scarf at night, there is a solution! The satin pillowcases!

Now that this is solved, there are other problems which can come from over-night treatments:
-The smell of eggs and mayonnaise ...
-Olive oil spreading on the sheets ...
-Carapate oil acting as a repellent even for your boo...
These methods are known to be very effective, but every once in a while, replace carapate oil or olive oil with oils that have a good smell ...
[the air oil tui from carol's daughter, or the Monoi oil prodigious Nuxe may be the case]

... And put a smaller amount  can not hurt (Honey won’t say the contrary ...): p

And you? Have you already had problems with your loved one because of that? Other tips to stay beautiful at night??

+ +