Reader’s request: the Carmel Treatment

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Hi Guys,

I received a request for more information about the Carmel treatment.

I first talked about it in the Natural Hair Glossary and I had this request from Linda:

“Just read your blog and really enjoy it! Wanted to ask you some information about Carmel treatment.
I live in Paris and was wondering if the brand is selling to Europe.”

Thanks Linda, I’m so glad that you’re loving my blog!! I’m always happy to get feedback from you guys!! <3

The Carmel treatment is very famous in the natural world because it is considered as a “natural, completely chemical free, relaxer”. I’m a little bit confused when I hear about a natural relaxer but you can have a look at their website for a demo.

Here’s how the website describes this treatment:

"The CARMEL [is] a Deep Penetrating Treatment made with real bananas and honey will restore life back into all types of hair. Its high concentration of vitamins, minerals and potassium has the ability to provide the nourishment needed for both the hair and scalp. Its strengthening and moisturizing qualities will deeply soften the hair while improving the texture and manageability to create body and a natural shine.” (they sell it for 20$)

CARMEL Treatment

It seems to ship only in the united State, here is the message I got from the website:

“We only ship orders to the continental United States. Please call 1.800.768.ETAE (3823) to place orders to be shipped internationally or to Alaska or Hawaii.”

I coulnd’t find the complete list of ingredients on the website but the myth said that it is so natural that it could be eaten (please don’t try it!!!). Some naturals tried to reproduce it at home and here is one of the recipes posted on the forum:

  • Wheat germ butter
  • Olive butter
  • raw honey
  • molasses
  • banana baby food
  • coconut oil
  • ACV
  • cornstarch
  • orange essential oil
    I’m not sure about the results, I didn’t try the recipe.

However, last week I tried a deep conditioning treatment with banana and coconut milk. It was really good for hydrating my hair, but I had banana pieces in my hair for almost a week no matter how many shampoos I did!! ;)

Hope this helped you!!!


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I love your blog! Just saying on alot of the blogs I have visited mentioning the caramel teartment they always recommended using banana baby food instead of banana. Hope this helps!

Thanks Monique!!!
Next time I'll try banana baby food! :)