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Posted by Kyara | Posted on Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I got something to tell you ... We are told lies from our childhood! It is impossible to sleep for 150 years and look like this:


A rosy complexion, a rested face and mostly ... A PERFECT HAIRSTYLE!  That’s a lie…

OK ... Now we know that we won’t look like this ...

... We can try to limit the damages not to scare Prince Charming the man with smelly feet (if it is not the case, it will be one day ...) who shares or will share your life. :p

Anyways ... back to the main topic: Stay beautiful even during the night:)
You can find some nice satin scarvesto protect her hair from dehydration and breakage (can not say it enough, the cotton pillowcases dries hair!)

Here are beautiful scarves for every wallet :

freywille_banglesImage: (price on request)

image (price: £ 22)

Image: (Hermes Carré)

Image: The Clutch Magazine

If your significant other still does not bear to see you wear a scarf at night, there is a solution! The satin pillowcases!

Now that this is solved, there are other problems which can come from over-night treatments:
-The smell of eggs and mayonnaise ...
-Olive oil spreading on the sheets ...
-Carapate oil acting as a repellent even for your boo...
These methods are known to be very effective, but every once in a while, replace carapate oil or olive oil with oils that have a good smell ...
[the air oil tui from carol's daughter, or the Monoi oil prodigious Nuxe may be the case]

... And put a smaller amount  can not hurt (Honey won’t say the contrary ...): p

And you? Have you already had problems with your loved one because of that? Other tips to stay beautiful at night??

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