Let’s do some math!

Posted by Kyara | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hi guys, it’s time to see if the math class was a waste of time! :)

Don’t worry, we are still going to talk about hair!

Ok… so hair growth is very predictable in fact… If you wanna know how your hair will look like in a year, keep reading ;) If you don’t like mathematics, bear with me!

Here is the equation:

DISCLAIMER: these numbers vary from person to person so if your hair grow faster or slower don’t sue me! lol!

Let x be the length that you want to reach, y the growth speed and z the time you’ll have to wait.

Given that 0.8cm < y <1.5cm (your hair grows approximatively at a rate between 0.8 and 1.5cm/month)

So: x= y*z

To be more practical, let’s that I want my hair to grow of 12cm. I will have to wait at least for 15 months (z=12/0.8).

My hair is now about six centimeters so in September 2010, my hair will be about 18cm (If no breakage).

I will keep you updated with my length progress. I would also be really happy to hear about your goals too!!

Leave a comment or drop me an email at kyara.natural@gmail.com to tell me..

Oh! and I almost forgot… These are just numbers!!! Don’t be too obsessed about that, no need to measure your hair every week…

If it’s healthy, the length will automatically follow!

See you soon!!!


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Hey Kyara,

My goal is something like 15 centimeters, so that would be pretty much a couple of years.

I'm desperate there, lol. I hoped it would be a matter of six months...

Don't give up Shania!! :)
The lenght is not only about math but also about care.
That's different for every single person so maybe your hair grows faster...
But don't be too impatient! You should take advantage of the different lenghts you'll have to try original styles.