Kyara's haircare tips

Posted by Kyara | Posted in | Posted on Friday, April 03, 2009

  1. Use a wide tooth comb. It is very important! Any other comb will pull your hair out if you have kinky hair. Finger combing is a technique which is also very effective
  2. Seal your hair to keep it hydrated. What I do is that I apply a creamy moisturizer and then I seal it with coconut or almond oil.
  3. Avoid heat. Styling irons will fragilize your strends and prevent you from acquiring lenght
  4. Know your hair type and texture: dry or oily, kinky, curly or coily, fine or thick. Your routine should really be adapted to your hair type.
  5. Let it breathe!! for your hair to grow, your scalp should be clean so adapt your routine (shampoo, co-wash, sealing... to your hair type in order for your scalp to be always clean.
  6. Deep condition on a weekly basis. With DC, the strends stay moisturized and healthy.
  7. Avoid chemicals. Relaxers, colors, texturizers, curlies... all these techniques fragilize your hair so at least ask advice from a professional before considering putting one of these chemicals on your hair.
Hope this helped!
Please comment and tell us what are YOUR tips!


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