Officially BC'd

Posted by Kyara | Posted on Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yesss! It's done!!!
I'm so happy. Almost like when I graduated!!! lol!

So here's the story: I got my last relaxer at the end of december or begining of january 2009. Not long after that, I decided that it would be my last relaxer and I began the transition. It lasted 4 months of protective styles, braids and impatience...
But let me tell you that it wasn't so easy to get that cut done...
The story begins last week. I wanted to schedule an appointement at NIWEL (it's Franck PROVOST for "ethnic" hair). I called them but they were full until the next saturday. I decided to wait until this date.

The week seemed to last for ages!!!
The day before the fateful date, I decided to go out with some friends and have fun. We went to a party and danced till dawn :)
The next day, I woke up at noon... I had missed my rendez-vous...
I was so determined to cut those relaxed ends that I tried to call my usual hairdresser to ask if they had a spot available for me. SURPRISE! They had one at 3!!!

I jumped under the shower and ran to the salon.
When I arrived, they asked me to wear their robe (you know, the sexy robe that never is your size!) and to wait until my hairdresser was free.
In the meantime, they offered me a lemon tea (it was welcome because I had to wait more than an hour before they took care of me!)

Then my usual hairdresser came and I told her that I wanted to cut it all off.
First reaction: she calls all the other haidressers to share opinions...
Second reaction: her eyes went out of their sockets "Whyyyy????? your hair was so beautiful!!"
Me: I just want to get rid of the damaged relaxed ends
Third reaction: "You sure??? Did you have time to think 'bout it?"
Fourth reaction: "I know lots of girls who decided to go natural and then went back to the relaxer because they couldn't manage their natural hair. I'm sure you'll change your mind too"
Me: "you bet??" ;)

The assistant came and told me "you're so right! when you have beautiful hair, you shouldn't relax it, it damages it!" then she added: "I'm natural too but I flat iron every morning".
Yessss another natural girl!! :)

A third hairdresser took care of my hair. When she was giving my afro a nice round shape, she told me that she used to be natural but her daugthers were like "you're not pretty with your afro, mummy" and she decided to go back to the creamy crack...

I guess every single black woman has a story about the relaxer and natural hair... But MY story has just begun and for the moment I couldn't be happier!!!

Stay tuned for other pics!!!


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Love it!

you look absolutely beautiful hon...great face, pretty hair

awww!! Thank you guys :)